Materials used to make our log stores

Our log stores are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Timber. This means that decent standards have been met in the production of the timber to ensure a well-managed, sustainable timber supply and meet environmental standards.

Our stores are made from 3/4 inch thick, boards , 3" x 3" (75mmx 75mm) posts and 3" x 1.5" (75mmx 38mm) rails (or 3" x 2" (75mm x47mm) rails where appropriate). 

All timber is pressure treated against rot to make it long lasting. There is no need to paint it. The timber will weather to a silvery grey colour over time, the treatment will still be active.

All exposed fixings, screws, nails etc are galvanised or passivated to prevent corrosion.

We paint any cut timber with end grain preservative, even the bits you can't see.

Roofs are made from "Onduline", a corrugated, bituminised sheeting which is guaranteed waterproof for 15 years. This is a great material, light and very strong once nailed down. Some log stores use timber cladding for the roofs, which absorb some of the rainfall or felt which can rip. Our roofs are non-porous and tough..


Our log stores are designed to be sturdy and have a long life. The vented sides let the air flow around your logs, which is what dries them out.

The roofs have generous overhang to protect from rain. Unlike some other log stores, which rely on several flimsy battons to rest on the ground, our log stores are all supported on four sturdy 3 inch x 3 inch legs. This means you do not need to site them on a pre-paved surface, saving time, hassle and money. We use fine-sawn boards for a smarter finish (not "off-saw").

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