Custom Sized Log Stores:

We can make you a bespoke sized log store if our standard sizes don't fit your space. Prices are usually based on the nearest standard size plus a small premium for the extra work.

Get in touch for a quotation, or to arrange a visit to measure your space and discuss your requirements.

This bespoke log store below was made for a customer who needed a thinner version of our Large log store. It was made 2ft deep instead of the standard 3ft, to allow passage past the post on the patio. 

 _DSF2003.jpg _DSF2006.jpg

A taller version of our Standard log store. This one is 1.85 high, rather than 1.7m. 


 Altered front opening, higher at front.                     Reduced height to fit under window

IMG_3024.jpg                          IMG_0840.jpg

9ft wide log store, 6ft high.


Extra wide, extra tall, two bay, with storage shelf, reverse-slope roof


Extra wide, twin bay, reverse slope roof, extra low to preserve customer's view


10ft wide, 6ft 6" high, reverse roof, double bay.


1.4m high, to fit under window cill.


New: Scottish Larch Log Store. Naturally durable timber; no preservatives.