Large Plus Log Store

W:1.83m x D:0.9m x H:1.83m

The Large Plus maximises the dimensions of all the materials to give you the ultimate storage space for your money.

The roof is stretched width-wise and is reversed sloped (higher at front) to give maximum access to your log pile. Standard timber sizes are cut in half for zero wastage. This new model only just fits into our delivery trailer.

This is the biggest standard storage space we can provide for you without going to custom sizes.

 The Large Plus Log Store costs £480. (Price includes assembly by us on-site) IMG_3300 (1).jpeg

Large Plus Dimensions: 

Width: 1.83m at roof ( 6 feet) Internal storage space width 1.75m

Depth: 0.9m (approx 3 feet)

Height: 1.83m at front (6 feet) sloping down to approx. 1.65m rear

Volume: Approx. 2.75 cubic metres storage ( A standard "builders bag" of logs is around 0.6 cubic metres)